Our Statement of Faith

Rivercrest is a non-denominational church firmly grounded in the Protestant traditions.


  1. We accept the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as the inerrant Word of God, using it as our supreme rule of faith and practice.

  2. We believe in God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), seeking to worship Him both individually and collectively.

  3. We understand our mission is to love and care for all people, according to scriptural standards.

  4. We believe God’s love, through Christ, to be a healing, saving and sustaining force in the human spirit.

  5. We practice congregational church government and policy, in which the voice of every member is heard and their vote has equal importance.

  6. We believe that biblical marriage is a provision of God whereby one man and one woman enter into a lifelong relationship to the exclusion of all others through a marriage ceremony.


Rivercrest invites people who can embrace these beliefs to join in fellowship with us.  

None of us claims to be perfect. We are all seeking to obey the will of God for us in this world, a journey  made easier as we seek, serve and fellowship together.